Oral Biodevices

Oral Biodevices

The mouth will be used as a portal for real-time monitoring and assessment of oral health and overall health. Devices located in the dental, oral, and craniofacial region will also be able to diagnose disease and deliver local and systemic treatments.

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Oral Biodevices

Design of smart biomaterials

Realistically, the translation of truly regenerative treatments to clinical practice is likely a longer term goal, so the need for improved reparative/restorative materials is undeniable. Simple examples are direct dental restorations and root canal obturations. A lot of money and further damage to native tissues would be saved if we could come up with better materials. Also, since these materials reside in the oral cavity,... more »


Oral Biodevices

Novel Bioactive Materials

Recent trends in dental materials manufacturing demonstrate the increased inclusion of antibacterial and bioactive components in a variety of materials. Based on the reasons for failure of dental composites, and the higher than ideal failure rate, novel materials with bioactive additives that can inhibit disease and repair or replace lost tissue are essential.


Oral Biodevices

Biostimulation of salivary gland in oral cancer patients

Utilisation of biofeed back chip implanted in denture to promote stimulation of salivary glands to screate saliva in patients undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Cancer treatment. This can help the patients in fast recovery time from the effects of treatment and also promotes overall oral health in them .


Oral Biodevices

Lingual Strengthening Treatment for Dysphagia and Oral Health

Device-facilitated lingual strengthening has been shown to result in improved swallowing function and increased saliva production in patients with dysphagia. However, the impact of this treatment approach on oral health as it relates to broader health-related outcomes, such as pneumonia development, requires further study.


Oral Biodevices

Development of nanostructured trans-mucosal drug delivery system

Idea is development of novel nano-structured intra-orally active trans-mucosal (and or intra-periodontal) drug delivery system that continuously release Parathyroid hormone in the alveolar bone of jaws for long time to create local osteopenia by the activation of osteoclast locally to create local osteopenia for accelerated orthodontic tooth movement to considerably reduce the orthodontic treatment time from years to... more »

Oral Biodevices

Oral biosensors for precise monitoring and delivery of medicines

Develop an oral biodevice that can monitor and allow for precise dosing of medications . There are significant variations in how individuals metabolize drugs, influenced by genetics, epigenetics, diet, and other prescription medications. Coordinating this monitoring device with an automated delivery system or a mobile device notification system would also help with medication compliance, and reduce complications caused... more »


Oral Biodevices

Cone Beam CT scanner with built in head and neck scanner

Traditional Cone Beam CT units emit x-radiation.The anatomical structures are recorded as a volume that can be viewed in three dimensions using a special software. It would be really worthwhile examining the soft tissues as well using digital techniques that automatically record changes in the surface temperature, presence or absence of soft tissue swelling, fluid imbalance and other topographic changes by simultaneously... more »


Oral Biodevices

Interproximal remineralization delivery system.

Inter-proximal decays are currently mainly treated with surgical method with dental burs. Current remineratlization methods are not effective enough for inter-proximal surfaces and therefore not practical as routine use for dental offices. Most initial proximal decays end up watch and then surgical restoration. My idea is developing a delivery system to maintain high concentration of remineraliztion materials on... more »