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Oral Health + Overall Health

Subspecialty in post-radiation care

With new medical advances in oncology, immunology and genetics, people are living longer after radiation therapy. Regenerative medicine is not appropriate for these folks as they are working to prevent new cancer growth. In my case, I have mucosal melanoma of the hard palate and am 5 years RT. I have extensive oral care and see the dentist for cleanings every few months. Still, I have exposed tooth roots as well as ORN... more »
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Oral Health + Overall Health

The effect of VDO loss or under develpment on general health.

TMJ diseases, sleep apnea, and other health problem are related to the loss of vertical dimension of occlusion(VDO). Even aging may be due to VDO loss which causing gradual narrowing of air passway. I use loss vs. decrease because VDO loss is the best word to describe the problem, wether it is due to teeth wear out or due to under growth of lower jaw( stress -growth H secretion during night-under growth of lower jaw).... more »
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Oral Health + Overall Health

Very Little Related to Craniofacial Research or Diseases

There is little related to craniofacial research or diseases. Most of the goals relate to oral and dental health. It may be that this area should be attached to NIAMS and dropped from NIDCR, but then it should be done officially so that non-oral/dental researchers and clinicians find appropriate support.

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Oral Health + Overall Health

A New Assessment and Treatment Model for TMD

Temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) are a puzzling group of conditions, studied extensively since Dr Costen's classic 1934 paper, yet the rich number of approaches have met with limited success. A new model comes from the fields of manual medicine (Cranial Osteopathy, myofascial release, Chiropractics, etc.), along with the tension/compression system of Tensegrity, and, from molecular genetics - the central importance... more »
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Oral Health + Overall Health

a better way to control gum disease and decay

important levels of bacterial biomass resided in the inter proximal space out of reach of floss and tooth brushing. this biomass contributes to sucular ulcerations that allow toxins and microbes into our local and systemic circulation and tissues. I have submitted videos explaining the theories and techniques: http://bit.ly/2sKjBH8. or you may go to IQ online dental journal and look up "a better way to control gum disease... more »
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Oral Health + Overall Health

Tongue tie predecessor of health issues in infants and kids

Tongue tie in infants may pose health issues like difficulty in breastfeeding gasping reflux sleep issues and discomfort for the mother. In future in may pose speech chewing cleaning the oral Cavity dental caries and malocclusion issues. In adults it may be one of the confounding factor for migraine shoulder and neck pains.

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Oral Health + Overall Health

Effective Treatment for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

I have suffered in extreme pain for over five years with TMD, temporomandibular joint disorder. With the research I've done online and in conversations with multiple doctors and dentists, I have come to realize there is no effective formal treatment for this condition. No "treatments" are typically more than 50% effective. Yes, this idea manifests from self-interest, but I believe finding effective treatments will help... more »
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Oral Health + Overall Health

Obstructive Sleep Apnea, dental health and overall well being

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) has detrimental effects on oral health (dental carries, gum recession) as well as overall health (Migraines, lethargy, cardio vascular disease, and possible depression/anxiety). Why is OSA so common? Is it a 21st century problem, or human genetics? What are possible cures, remedies or therapies other than the single, but trustworthy, CPAP machine?
From my own personal experience, Myofunctional... more »