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Oral Health + Overall Health

The Relationship between Swallowing Function and Oral Health

Swallowing, oral health, and saliva production are crucial factors for maintaining overall health and an optimal quality of life. While evidence suggests that these factors are inter-related in both health and disease, there is a paucity of evidence that has explored these factors and their potential relationships. Generating new knowledge of these factors and the relationships between them has the potential to positively... more »
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Oral Health + Overall Health

Pulling coconut oil, does it work? the reality about it

The trend of the world's people to more natural and holistic options is making the patients ask more about natural products that can be used for their oral routine. Oil Pulling is a technique used in Ayurveda from hundred of years ago and is becoming popular today. As Dental providers we should do more research about it to be able to have the answers to those questions the patients are demanding.

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Oral Health + Overall Health

Oral Health and Aging

Research addressing the oral health of the aging population is urgently needed. The US “65-and-over population is projected to nearly double over the next three decades, from 48 million to 88 million by 2050” (National Institute of Aging). According to the 2011-2012 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 25% of adults 75 and older were edentulous. NIDCR should prioritize research on the impact of aging on care... more »
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Oral Health + Overall Health

Social wellness and oral health

Conduct research on how oral disease and craniofacial disorders affect social wellness, self-esteem and mental health status of individuals. Explore whether individuals with poor oral health, especially those in underserved populations with less opportunity or access to dental care, experience bias in society, for example hiring or promotion for jobs.

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Oral Health + Overall Health

Home visits in preventing early childhood caries

We need funded long-term studies for home visits for prevention of early childhood caries (ECC). In 2007, Feldens et al. published results of a randomized trial of the effectiveness of home visits in preventing ECC in a fluoridated community in Brazil showing home visits for dietary advice reduced ECC. Feldens CA, Vîtolo MR, Drachler ML. A randomized trial of the effectiveness of home visits in preventing early childhood... more »
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Oral Health + Overall Health

Support longitudinal studies to improve disease prevention, care

Secure support for long-term longitudinal studies aimed at improving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases and conditions. Such studies include the analysis of electronic health record data, as well as dental and medical claims data, to assess and improve treatment outcomes in dental patients across their lifespan.

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Oral Health + Overall Health

Few Opportunities for Basic Science Research

There appears to be few opportunities for basic science research other than under the “Oral Health + Overall Health” block where ‘the understanding of the underlying biological cause of disease’ is clearly mentioned. Although this can be a topic of intense basic science research, the Institute should provide some kind of disease priorities based on incidence/epidemiology and cost to society.

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Oral Health + Overall Health

Drug Addiction and Oral Health

Oral health issues related to drug addiction will require more attention. Drug abuse is associated with a number of oral diseases, such as, caries, periodontal diseases and tooth loss. Improved access to dentists and dental care and enhanced collaborations between the general health and oral health care will be needed to serve the addicts. More clinical and epidemiological studies related to oral health will be needed... more »
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Oral Health + Overall Health

Elucidate the relationship between oral health & overall health

Can we better elucidate the relationship between oral health and overall health and disease? Are symptoms in the mouth reflective of similar symptoms and biological processes occurring in the rest of the body (for example, lymphocytic infiltration)? Sjogren’s serves as an excellent systemic disease to further understand this relationship, but examples of other health conditions and diseases certainly abound.

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Oral Health + Overall Health

Fatigue and Neurological Symptoms Shared Across Multiple Disease

Multiple high-burden illnesses, including Sjogren’s, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and POTS, share overlapping features such fatigue, neuropathic, autonomic and cognitive symptoms. Understanding the reasons for the overlap would have benefit for a large group of high-burden, costly illnesses which result in decreased QOL and economic productivity.