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Precision Health

Gingival Recession

Based on personal experience and observations, it seems that gingival recession is highly prevalent, and the cause is not always as easily identified as dentists seem to think.. The fix is not simply to "use a softer toothbrush". It can also be related to clenching of jaws that impart high forces on teeth, etc.. Mouth-guards are used, but they are designed to protect teeth from grinding, and this design does not properly... more »
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Precision Health

Ballon Dilation of Eustachian Tube and Cholesteatoma

FDA recently approved balloon dilation of Eustachian tube for companies Acclarent and Entellus. Cholesteatoma is a chronic disease process that requires long-term care and can often recur. Balloon dilation has already shown to allow improved aeration of the middle ear based on tympanogram evaluations. If this is true, it is hypothesized balloon dilation could improve outcomes and frequency of operations required for cholesteatoma.... more »