Interdisciplinary Approaches to Promote Adolescents' Oral Health and Reduce Disparities

Multi-strata oral health evaluation for Adolescents:Need of hour

The idea to target the adolescent group is truly justified. It is a need for hour to channelize the approach so as to integrate oral health for this age group. In today's scenario we could encounter adolescents to be at the mainstay of such oral disorders mainly oral potentially malignant disorders and oral cancer due to their addictive habits of using different forms tobacco, alcohol consumption etc. I support the objectives for this new strategy with the idea of multi-strata evaluation. Role of peer and family holds a principle part along with judicious delivery of novel mechanisms of oral health promotion by screening, counseling and follow up. Such a research project can open up new ideas to monitor and encounter oral and general health issues in adolescents leading to a bright future.


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