Oral Biodevices

Lingual Strengthening Treatment for Dysphagia and Oral Health

Device-facilitated lingual strengthening has been shown to result in improved swallowing function and increased saliva production in patients with dysphagia. However, the impact of this treatment approach on oral health as it relates to broader health-related outcomes, such as pneumonia development, requires further study.

What types of tools and technologies need to be developed to achieve this goal?

There are several devices that have been developed to facilitate a progressive, intensive lingual strengthening treatment approach. Enhancement of these existing devices to include aspects that also target saliva production and oral health more specifically would be needed.

How do you propose to develop these tools and technologies?

Through a multidisciplinary approach, we would partner with companies who have developed existing devices.

What could these biodevices detect or deliver and how could they be used to improve health, or diagnose and treat disease?

These devices could be used to simultaneously strengthen the tongue, provide sensory stimulation to the oral cavity, and optimize the oral biofilm potentially leading to the prevention of negative health outcomes in patients with dysphagia, including pneumonia development.

Comment No. 186