Accelerating the Advancement of Digital Dentistry

Blockchain for Dental and Medical Records

How often have Dentists been in a situation where they wished they'd immediate and detailed access to a new patients dental records or a patients medical record before starting a procedure. The reality is, it can take days for these records to reach the Provider. Health records are a patchwork of multitude of systems, which often, exchange information via faxes and paper copies!


From a patients perspective, its a challenge to get hold of their own dental (or medical) despite the fact that they legally own it! And these systems are not very secure or reliable.


So, what would be an ideal solution? We need one which is available, inter-operable, immutable and secure. Many technologists and health care professionals view Blockchain technology as a way to address all of these issues across entire healthcare space.


Blockchain is the underlying technology which powers Bitcoin. This technology was developed to record financial transaction for digital currencies. But Blockchain can easily be extended as a platform for distributed computation and storage.


There are projects underway to bring Blockchain to Medical records ( these should be extended to include interoperability with Dental records as well.


Built on top of Ethereum software, which extends the Bitcoin implementation by allowing execution of "smart contracts" to build a private blockchain linking healthcare providers and allowing them to share data. Security is ensured by Blockchain distributed storage, ensuring no single point of attack or failure.


Providers can run program module on their computers to access this "database" per instructions in the Smart Contracts. These Smart Contracts are digitally signed by the Patients, giving them flexibility to share it with who they please.


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