Interdisciplinary Approaches to Promote Adolescents' Oral Health and Reduce Disparities

Actionable intervention at the most appropriate Point of Contact

The magnitude of a specific problem may not always generate a person's unyielding passion to develop a cure, but rather an individual's encounter that profoundly effects their need to intervene. Such is the case that surrounds the creation of Clean Bite™️, an oral appliance designed to enable soldiers who had lost their arms in war, the ability to independently brush their teeth again.

Clean Bite™️ is the most unique toothbrush in the world but its intended market was too small to warrant the cost of a manufacturing facility. What was needed to expand the market volume was research on populations who were afflicted with unrelated problems beyond those encountered by amputees.

There is no better place to look for these answers than the United States agencies charged with responsibility of recording and caring for the public health. Starting with two Surgeon Generals who declared untreated caries as the most prevalent, and preventable disease among children. This conclusion is founded on all of the granular studies and research that supports these statements. Of even greater importance is the correlation to life long related diseases that are systemically found in these populations as they age.

The notion that more studies, that often will be under pinned by prior studies, simply adds to more layers of inaction. Some of the notable efforts that take place on state and national levels are pro-bono dental marathons that last for a day or more and treat disadvantaged children. Procedures range from cleanings, fillings, sealants (requiring a Dentist's monitoring if place over existing caries), extractions, etc. Other interventions are dental examinations at school but the follow up is speculative if the child lives in an under-serve community.

The first question should be, what is the number one preventative measure used by most individuals each day? Answer, brushing! What's actionable? Enabling children to brush their teeth after every meal that they receive at school. Clean Bite™️ is the one product that can accomplish this task in ways no other product can and do so on a cost neutral basis. In part because Clean Bite™️ is made of a foodstuff comprised of collagen that inherently contains five to six grams of protein at a cost below any other source of protein found on the tray.

What Clean Bite, LLC would advocate is the use of pilot programs that measure student acceptance, and the recording of outcomes over a large enough population yielding meaningful statistical outcomes. The attributes of Clean Bite™️ are notable and among the many, is its sanitary use because as a food it dissolves and is ingested after its utility.

This is Clean Bite™️

Clean Bite™️

The World's Most Advanced Single Use Toothbrush

U.S. Patent 8,292,624

Primary U.S. market "at risk children" who receive meals at school, Other Markets: Military, Disaster relief, Travelers, Hospitals, Prisons, Managed Care Facilities, Refugees, NGOs, et al.


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