Immune System Balance and Flexibility in Maintaining Good Oral Health

AADR: Changes to the antigenic ecospace in disease

The antigenic ecospace can be defined as "the universe of antigens that [have] driven [immune system] evolution.(1) How this ecospace changes on the individual level during the initiation and progression of disease, such as periodontitis, and how the individual host immune capacity reacts to these changes remains ill-defined.




1. Capri M, Salvioli S, Monti D, Bucci L, Garagnani P, Ottaviani E, Franceschi C. 2014. The new antigenic ecospace of the globalized world and its impact on the immune system: The battleground of trade-off and antagonistic pleiotropy. Eco-immunology: Evolutive Aspects and Future Perspectives. Rome: Springer Netherlands. p. 125-144.


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