Interdisciplinary Approaches to Promote Adolescents' Oral Health and Reduce Disparities

AADR: Adolescent e-cigarette use

AADR applauds NIDCR's previous investments in e-cigarette research and encourages continued investment in this area. According to Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, e-cigarette use among adolescents has reached "epidemic" levels. (1) E-cigarettes are the most popular tobacco product used by middle and high school students, and there is evidence that e-cigarettes may lead adolescents who never would have smoked combustible cigarettes to do so. (2, 3, 4) Studies have also shown differential e-cigarette use based on race and future college plans with Whites and Hispanics and those with plans to complete fewer than 4 years of college more likely to use e-cigarettes. (5) Longitudinal studies to assess long-term oral health effects of e-cigarette use are needed, especially those that investigate any role e-cigarettes may play in further driving oral health disparities.




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